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Just another mint pastille? Think again. True Mints are made with all-natural flavours and plant-based sweeteners and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. No sugar, no animal derived ingredients, nor any other nasties.


Before reinventing the world of mint pastilles, we’ve been busy revolutionizing the chewing gum industry. We created True Gum – a sustainable alternative to all the plastic-filled chewing gums out there – in our home kitchens back in 2017. Now, we’ve taken that very same attitude and put it to use in our plant-based pastilles. A healthier planet in the making!



Many conventional pastilles contain either sugar or synthetic sweeteners, like aspartame or acesulfame K. Aspartame and acesulfame K are some of the most popular and widely used artificial sweeteners on the market and about two hundred times sweeter than sucrose, known to you and me as table sugar.
Artificial sweeteners are often touted as being a safe alternative to using sugar and even as promoting weight loss. However, like most synthetic sweeteners, also aspartame and acesulfame K are controversial, and have been claimed to play a role in migraines and interfere in appetite regulation, among other things. Some conventional pastilles also contain gelatine which is an animal ingredient and often used as a thickener or as coating in food products.

We’ve taken out the sugar and removed all the weird synthetics and animal-derivatives. True Mints are sweetened with plant-based sweeteners xylitol and stevia, vegan certified – so you can be sure to find no gelatine or any other animal ingredients whatsoever – and wrapped in a plastic-free packaging.
Looking for a classic? Then you should go four our True Mints Fresh Mint which is just the quintessence of pastilles – simple in style and sure to leave an ultimately fresh feel in your mouth. If it is your sweet tooth you need to satisfy, we recommend the True Mints Cherry – the perfectly rounded and healthy treat. You can never go wrong with True Mints Blackcurrant, either. In fact, it has become a true crowd-pleaser with its wonderfully refreshing taste of real blackcurrant. Our pastille assortment would not be complete without True Mints Orange – it has just the perfect zesty orange flavour with both sweet and citrusy notes.

Found a favourite already? Our webshop has them all, from 4-packs all the way up to 24-packs and mixed taster packs. We deliver EU-wide.