Proudly introducing the Ration bar

Say hi to our new great tasting apple and oats bar. Crafted for pure wholesomeness and delightful flavor.

True Gum has bought Ration

Recently, we became owners of the Danish snack bar brand, Ration. The company had experienced some challenges, so we stepped in and have now taken over the brand.

The bar is created on a foundation of wholesome ingredients and tastes great, so we saw big potential in taking this product under our wings, effectively adding a new fourth product to our family of products.

A great tasting and wholesome apple and oat bar

The Ration bar is a great tasting better-for-you snack bar uniquely based on apple and oats, aligning with modern nutrition recommendations. Looking to the future, we want to update the product on both ingredient and packaging level, so it fits even better into our values here at True Gum. More info to come.

High in fibre

Low calorie

Gluten free

Great taste

If you have questions to our acquisition of Ration, want to become a wholesaler or have customer support related questions, then please get in touch with us at: