The new kid on the block. Meet True Drops.

A naturally flavoured cough remedy providing you with both immune support and great taste, wrapped in compostable bio-foil.

Plastic free gum

No hidden plastic here.
We use chicle, a sap from gum trees

Vegan certified

Plant-based all the way through.
Refreshing and great tasting


We only use sustainable and
biodegradable ingredients

Sugar free

Free from sugar, with ingredients
that are good for your teeth

Our sustainable product family

Cough drops

Filled with the best ingredients and wrapped
in plastic-free and compostable packaging

Chewing gum

A plastic free, vegan and biodegradable
chewing gum. And great tasting, of course.


Plantbased, sugar-free and delicious pastilles,
wrapped in an eco-friendly packaging.



"I don’t buy anything else – love it. All from consistency to taste"



"WOW. Such nice flavours, once you bite into the crispy outer shell the flavours explode in your mouth"



"The others taste of chemistry and plastic, but True Gum keeps the taste and feels nice in the mouth. The only thing that works"



"Has become my favorite chewing gum in record time! It keeps the taste for a long time. Recommend it to everyone I know"

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