A plastic-free chewing gum for the 21st century

Most chewing gum contains plastic. But this one is different. True Gum is a seriously tasty plant-based alternative to chewing on plastic. Carefully crafted with the best ingredients in our own chewing gum factory.

From sapodilla tree to chewing gum

Chicleros harvest sap from gum trees for plant-based chewing gum

We use sap from gum trees instead of plastic. It’s a harvesting technique that has been practiced for centuries in native jungle societies. Together with natural sap, we only source the best plant-based ingredients – better for you and for our environment.

Raw materials arrive at our small chewing gum factory

After careful sourcing, the raw ingredients arrive at our eco-friendly chewing gum factory in Copenhagen, Denmark – the smallest and most artisan chewing gum factory in the world.

Time to push the button

Now comes the magic. We mix, knead, and meticulously stretch the raw ingredients to create the perfect combination of texture and taste. We perfected our unique production method over time and through thousands of trials. Everyone here really loves plastic-free chewing gum.

Finished eco-friendly packs are ready to go!

After more than seven days of mixing, cutting, coating, resting and testing, the plastic-free gum pieces are finally ready to be packaged into our sustainable cardboard boxes. Next stop, a supermarket shelf near you.

Chewing gum with 100% natural flavours, we promise

We only use natural flavours coming from plants, this way our gum stays true to taste in a natural way. Real flavours, True gum.

A snapshot from our eco-friendly factory in Denmark. Plastic-free raspberry gum in the making!

Plastic free gum

Vegan certified

Natural flavours

Sugar free