The new kid on the block. Meet True Drops.

A naturally flavoured cough remedy providing you with both immune support and great taste, wrapped in compostable bio-foil.

Soothing throats the sustainable way

compostable packaging

We ditched the regular single use plastic
wrapping traditionally used, and instead use
a compostable bio-foil made from organic material.

Added vitamin c

We’ve added vitamins to each piece, ensuring
that your immune system gets some extra support
during the potential downtime.

100% natural flavours

We use only 100% natural flavours,
which ensures a cleaner product and
a more natural taste experience.

sugar free

Zero sugar tolerance here. The True Drops are
of course free from sugar and aspartame,
just how it should be.

Goodbye plastic bags, hello plantbased packaging

We don’t support the unnecessary production of single use plastic. That’s why we’re flipping it
around and introducing an innovative compostable bag made entirely of organic materials.

Packaging made of paper, plantbased
starches and biobased colours

After use, the packaging can be
sorted with other bio-waste

Dissolves in 12 days at an industrial recycling
plant or in 26 weeks in your own compost

Compostable in accordance with EU DIN 13432

Try our two fantastic flavours


The icy fresh classic and the ultimate
sore throat lubricator.


Zesty, sweet and soothing.
This one really does the trick.