A Sticky Situation...

If you look at any street, chances are you’ll see these marks

...that’s chewing gum. Old chewing gum, and it’s probably been there for years.

This gum is the second most common form of litter in the world

...and generates around 100,000 tonnes of global waste a year.

The microplastics from waste gum can reach the oceans, where it can be consumed by sealife, and make its way into our food chain.

The plastic polymers in this gum are the same as those found in car tyres and plastic bottles. This means that the gum can’t biodegrade so will be stuck in our streets forever.

We think our world deserves better

So what are we doing to help?

Goodbye plastics, hello plants!

Well, we are starting at the core, by going 100% plantbased, from our gum to our flavours.

Plastic free packaging

We've also said a big NO THANKS to plastic packaging (the ones traditional gums use). Instead, we use cardboard boxes, which are illustrated using inspiration from our ingredients.

Changing chewing gum, for good.


Vegan certified

natural flavours

Sugar free