A chewing gum start-up story

Produced in Copenhagen, Denmark, True Gum began as a startup by founders Jacob, Peter, Zabrina and Morten, who had a belief that chewing gum could be better.


In 2017 came the aha! moment –
could a gum that is completely
free from plastic be made?


The True Gum founders gave it a go,
and after 472 prototypes, they finally
perfected the recipe in their home kitchens.


This turned an idea into reality,
and now, True Gum is proudly
sold in stores across Europe.

Our story in three pictures

True Gum was born

The very first test in our home kitchen.
For the first 16 months every piece
of plastic-free True Gum was cut in hand.

re-inventing gum

We had to be creative to spread the word
about our plant-based gum. It wasn’t easy,
so our team grew from 2 to 4.

our gum factory

Slowly we managed to build our own eco-friendly gum
factory up from scratch. It hasn't always
been easy, but at least it's been fun!

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