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We are True Gum – the ones revolutionizing the chewing gum industry since 2017. In the beginning, it was just the four of us – Peter, Morten, Jacob and Zabrina – on a mission to produce a seriously tasty alternative to chewing on plastic. Compared to the day we started, we now have ten times more employees and produce twenty times more chewing gum a day. So many more people have found us and are embracing our planet-friendly products, and we love that!

When we realized that most conventional gums in supermarkets contain plastic, we decided to do things different. Like totally different. True Gum is made with sap from gum trees, all-natural flavours and plant-based sweeteners. It is not only plastic-free, biodegradable and vegan, but also sugar-free and free from aspartame and palm oil. Because actually, it is possible to produce gum without all the nasty and unnecessary synthetics. Today, each piece of True Gum is carefully crafted in our own little factory running on green energy right outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.


After successfully launching our plastic-free gums, we felt like the world of mint pastilles could use a revamp, too. We took the very same attitude that we used with our chewing gums and put it to use in our plant-based pastilles.

True Mints are made with all-natural flavours and plant-based sweeteners and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. They are vegan certified and contain no sugar, no aspartame, nor any other nasties.


We offer a big variety of seriously tasty chewing gum and pastille flavours. If you’re more of a chewer, you can pick between the all-time classic True Gum Mint, delightful True Gum Raspberry and Vanilla, lively True Gum Ginger and Turmeric, soothing True Gum Liquorice and Eucalyptus, sweet and sour True Gum Lemon, or the ultimate fresh tasting True Gum Strong Mint.

If you’re a total mint pastille person, you have four flavours to choose from that are all sure to leave a fresh feel in your mouth. Go for the ultimate classic True Mints Fresh Mint, the perfectly rounded sweet tooth cure True Mints Cherry, the mellow crowd-pleaser True Mints Blackcurrant, or the zesty and citrusy True Mints Orange! has the widest selection of our products. You can find all our flavours in our webshop, from 2-packs to 24-packs and to mixed taster packs. We occasionally also produce exclusive products and limited editions that are only sold in our webshop and nowhere else. Also, if you’re hoping to be among the first ones to try our new launches, is your best bet. We deliver EU-wide and promise to ship within 24 hours.