Your own delicious, plastic-free treats

Our co-branded solution allows you to customize the packaging design with logo, text, and colours to fit your brand identity perfectly. Specially tailored for tradeshows, events, gifts, meetings or employee benefits.

Choose between our range of plastic-free, plant-based gum and pastilles

You can choose between all flavours within the True Gum and True Mints assortment. You get the beloved, refreshing taste in customized packaging fitting your brand identity.

Mini True Gum pack
6 gram / 3 pcs

80 packages

Shelf life
1095 days (3 years) from day of production

Mini True Mints pack
6 gram / 9 pcs

80 packages

Shelf life
730 days (2 years) from day of production

Sustainable x-mas gifts

Wish your customers or employees a merry, plastic-free x-mas with our range of holiday favourites arriving in customizable packaging and decorative sleeves.

6-pack True Gum christmas sleeves

12-pack True Mints christmas sleeves

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Reach out, and we will help you find the right solution for your needs.

Plastic free gum

No hidden plastic here. We use
chicle, a sap from gum trees.

Vegan certified

We use only 100% natural flavours,
which ensures a cleaner product and
a more natural taste experience.

Sugar free

Zero sugar tolerance here. Our
products are free from
sugar and aspartame, just how
it should be.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable and eye-catching
packaging that stands out. Supported
by our eco-friendly brand and mission.


  • Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?

    If you order one of our company solutions, you will be
    registered as our customer and receive an invoice on
    all your orders.

  • What is the minimum order size?

    Co-branded packs: 
    3.200 units for mini packs
    150 sleeves for X-mas sleeves