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Plastic free gum, plantbased mints and
cooling drops. Kinder alternatives for you and the planet.

True Gum becomes a B Corp

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Plastic free gum

No hidden plastic here.
We use chicle, a sap from gum trees

Vegan certified

A plant-based gum all the way through. Refreshing and great tasting

natural flavours

We only use the best 100% natural flavours

Sugar free

Free from sugar, with plant-based xylitol, good for your teeth

Our sustainable products family


Filled with the best ingredients and wrapped
in plastic-free and compostable packaging.

Chewing gum

A plastic-free, vegan, sugar-free
chewing gum. With great taste, of course.


Plantbased, sugar-free and delicious pastilles,
wrapped in an eco-friendly packaging.

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