A chewing gum
start-up story.

Produced in Copenhagen, Denmark, True Gum began as a startup by founders Jacob, Peter, Zabrina and Morten, who had a belief that chewing gum could be better.

This turned an idea into reality,
and now, True Gum is proudly
sold in stores across Europe.

The True Gum founders
gave it a go, and after 472
prototypes, they finally
perfected the recipe in their
home kitchens.

In 2017 came the aha! moment –
could a gum that is completely
free from plastic be made?

A few snapshots from our journey

Watch our story here

Have a look inside the world’s smallest gum factory.

If you want something done right, somtimes you have to do it yourself!

Our chewing gums are produced by a team of passionate gum aficionados who ensure top-notch quality in every single piece.

After outgrowing both the home kitchen and first location, the our HQ is now settled in a small factory outside Copenhagen.

This is where the magic happens, with blocks of raw chicle gum being stretched, flavoured, mixed and cut into thousands of pieces of True Gum daily. It’s a tough process, but the outcome is worth it!

Changing chewing gum, for good.